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Who We Are

We are a team of 30 passionate developers and designers who get to build really cool software for some great companies.

At Secret Source we believe "happy developers write really great code".

So we do all we can to make sure all our team are as happy as they can be.

Just check out our Glassdoor page to know what it is like to work here.

“Our team is the core to our success."

"Everything we do is focused on building a culture that promotes the happiness and wellbeing of all our team"


Calle Bravo Murillo 34

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Spain 35003

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Why Work at Secret Source?

Our team is the heart of our company and our culture is built around making Secret Source the best place to work and helping our team to be the happiest they can be.

We offer loads of perks - generous holiday, paid training time, mentoring and professional development, free breakfasts, English and Spanish lessons, yoga, a choice of a great office or to work remotely and many more.

Remote, Flexible Working

22+1 Days Flexi-Vacation

Continual Training

Free Breakfasts

No Dress Code

Medical Health Checks

Referral Scheme

English / Spanish Lessons

Employee Recognition

Career Development


Social Events

Personal Paid

Days Off

Bursary for Children Under 16

Work in the coolest office with the best coworkers in Las Palmas.

The House - Bravo Murillo 34. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Spain 35003.

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Muy buen sitio en el que trabajar, de las mejores empresas en las que puedes empezar tu carrera profesional.
Employee feedback from October 15, 2021
Good experience
I am really happy with the company Secret Source.
Employee feedback from October 13, 2021
I got very valuable feedback for my future applications after my interview.
Applicant feedback from October 6, 2021
All good
Everything went fine, can't complain about it. I can't say much about constructive criticism, since there wasn't any, given.
Applicant feedback from September 22, 2021
Antes de la entrevista
Me hubiera gustado más respuesta a mis email antes de la entrevista
Applicant feedback from September 18, 2021
Rango salarial
Se podría mejorar conocer de antemano el rango salarial de la oferta, dependiendo del tipo de posición.
Applicant feedback from August 25, 2021
Excellent experience
It has been a clear, comfortable process of application. I didn't evaluated the first point because I don't understand the sentence, I am sorry.
Applicant feedback from July 22, 2021
I have loved every second of it so far!
The team is absolutely great. Super welcoming bunch of people. The role is interesting. They treat you as an adult. The company´s culture is that everyone should have ownership of their own work. This means, you are trusted to deliver your objectives to the best of your abilities in a very supportive environment. For a small company, induction was really well organized and I know they are constantly improving it because they take feedback very seriously. It has been a real pleasure so far. I feel very lucky to have join Secret Source.
Employee feedback from July 21, 2021
Applicant feedback from July 13, 2021
Fun, inviting and relaxed.
I felt immediately comfortable when I entered into the conversation with Nayra, she was really easy to speak with. I knew immediately I was speaking with a true professional and a person that was taking a serious interest in my profile as a potential candidate for the role. She was really pleasant to explain everything about the company in a simple condensed form, rather than feel like a script it felt very natural and caught my interest instantly, I wanted to know more about the company and her at personal levels. I have to pay huge applause to her. Letting me speak about my experience, allowing me to ramble about roles in Quality Assurance and how I was looking for a role in a QA position. Rather than correct me or stop me, she let me go on and directed the interview into the role letting me know more about what was expected of my, the role which we ended up speaking about was React Developer with 1 year. how she handled this shows tremendous professionalism and is a good indication of the high level of professionals working at Secret Source. Side note I take that on myself to be more prepared for the interview the next time. I really cannot fault the interview I had with her.
Applicant feedback from July 9, 2021
Samples from 52 reviews

Application and Onboarding Process

1. Online application

We will review your application. We promise to get back to you whether your CV has been shortlisted or not.

2. Invitation to video call

If your CV is shortlisted, we will invite you to a video call with HR to get to know you a little better and to discuss the role, your suitability and expectations.

3. Formal Interview

If you pass the first screening, we will arrange an interview with a member of the management team. We will conduct an in-depth discussion of your skills and experience.

4. Technical test

At this stage, and only if we feel you have real potential to join the team, we will arrange a technical assessment. We will try to keep it short and relevant to the role. The technical assessments can range from a technical survey, to a coding exercise and a pair programming exercise.

5. Contract offer

We will make all offers of employment in writing. Once you have accepted the offer, you will receive a full Spanish contract of employment within a few days.

6. Welcome to Secret Source!

Our onboarding program is designed to make you feel welcomed and productive as soon as possible. We will make sure you have the right equipment and access to all the relevant systems and information immediately. We will also make sure that you get to know the team and we'll assign you a buddy to help you out during your induction. And, once you're settled in, we will start working on your own personal development plan as soon as possible.

Nayra Padron

HR Manager